PureGyp is the application and extension of our patented CMP process on contaminated gypsum, specifically phosphogypsum. The PureGyp technology could benefit a phosphoric acid producer in the following ways:

  • enables contaminated phosphogypsum to be cleaned and sold rather than stored in waste stacks,
  • enables improved selling price for phosphogypsum that is sold,
  • allows valuable contaminants such as rare elements and phosphate to be recovered,
  • eliminates or greatly reduces the use of lime to neutralise residual acidity within phosphogypsum,
  • enables cheaper processing plant to be used, and,
  • extends the life of the plant by reducing the size of the waste stack.

We are collaborating with Prayon Technologies and utilising over 50 years’ experience and expertise which they possess to commercialise PureGyp for phosphoric acid producers.

Green Credentials

In addition to reducing waste management and environmental issues related to phosphogypsum, PureGyp will also help by:

  • Reducing environmental impact of the construction industry
    • Reduces need to mine for gypsum
    • Reduces distance that gypsum has to be shipped saving CO2/ fossil fuels
    • 100% of the worlds gypsum supply could be provided by cleaning phosphogypsum
  • Reducing environmental impact of the rare earth industry
    • Reduces need to open cast mine for rare earth ores
    • Reduces need to use nasty acids to extract from mineral ores
    • 70% of the worlds rare earth supply could be provided by cleaning phosphogypsum